A Dean at the
University of Manitoba

“I have worked with Vonda as my executive coach for the past two years. The fact that I refer others in my position to her is testament to the quality of the work that I’m able to do with her.”

“Coaching is a tool to enhance self-awareness and I believe that is the foundation of being an effective leader. I find Vonda’s questions incredibly helpful in feeding self-awareness; they lead me to a different way of looking at circumstances or situations. Working with Vonda helps me discover and explore blind spots. Sometimes those are not the easiest places to go and if we’re left to go on our own we’re more likely to take the easy way. The companionship and guidance of a coach on the road helps me find the higher path when the terrain is tough.”

“Vonda has been a particularly good fit for me because she also works as a professor. I think there are unique challenges in an academic setting; having someone who understands them is very valuable.”


Jennifer Fawcett, Director of
Postgraduate Education,
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

“As a relatively new leadership team facing complex organizational challenges, we engaged Vonda to analyze our leadership functionality and to provide ongoing executive coaching. With much insight, Vonda quickly gained our trust and provided a series of recommendations to improve our structure, decision making processes, and group dynamics. Vonda has been a compassionate coach who always provides both practical and theoretical advice which leads to a deeper sense of self-reflection and development. Through our engagement as coach and client, I am becoming better positioned to lead with both heart and backbone, to be an active and empathetic listener, and to lead a highly effective team.”


LN., Director of Enrollment
at a private Canadian university

“Vonda worked with our department in planning and facilitating a half-day goal-setting session. During the planning stage, she listened carefully and took as much time as was needed to help us clarify our goals and ensure that we would get what we needed from the session. Throughout the planning process, she kept pulling us back to the big picture goal while at the same time she paid careful attention to the details. During the actual event, Vonda effectively guided the conversation and helped us keep on track. She was also able to “rework on the fly,” effectively reading the group to know when it was important to take more or less time than original planned and making adjustments as necessary.”


Dr. CC, Associate Dean at
a Canadian public university

“Executive coaching has been the most helpful professional development I have experienced, because it is flexible, adapted to my immediate and changing needs and forces reflection. Vonda Plett has been an ideal match for me, able to strike an effective balance in being both supportive and challenging.”

“In addition to serving as my executive coach for the past year, Vonda has also worked with our management team. After conducting a thorough team assessment, she followed up with workshops and joint coaching sessions to help us achieve our goals. Vonda brings a range of skills, practical strategies, resources and a continuously positive and creative approach that works perfectly for me.”


Terry Schellenberg
VP External Canadian
Mennonite University

“Vonda Plett served as a facilitator in guiding an important conversation regarding a student recruitment strategy. She was most insightful in helping us shape the structure, purpose and outcomes for the meeting and in leading the half-day interactive session, which involved 16 faculty and staff. Vonda’s experience and insight, along with her capacity to listen beneath the surface and helpfully move discussion forward, were a gift.  Her leadership played a significant role in successfully shaping a strategic conversation.”