Our Values

iStock_000011602556_LargeOur Values…

Helping clients realize their leadership potential is much more than a job for us—it is our vocation. Growing from a place of deep passion, our practice is grounded in the following set of core values.

In all of our dealings with clients and colleagues, we strive to be honest, principled, and transparent. And we are always open to feedback from our clients on how we can do what we do even better.

We’re simply not interested in offering generic, one-size-fits-all solutions or chasing the latest leadership fad. We use theory-driven, research-based, experience-tested approaches that take into account clients’ unique situations and organizational contexts. Further, we are committed to transformative and sustainable leadership development for individuals and organizations. To that end, we embrace a holistic perspective and rely on systems-thinking.

At Bricolage, we believe that the best outcomes result from meaningful collaboration in which everyone brings their best thinking, expertise and creative energy to bear on an issue. We strive to create the kind of relationships with our clients that foster this kind of collaboration. In fact, developing deep, trust-based relationships with clients is one of our trademarks!

Remaining focused on our clients’ best interest is of uppermost importance to us at Bricolage Leadership Development. That means we never try to sell a service to our clients that they don’t need, and if we feel we’re not the best fit for a client, we will happily offer a referral.

At Bricolage we don’t simply “tolerate” diversity, we embrace and celebrate it at its deepest level. Whether working with leaders from a traditionally marginalized group, individuals charged with leading a diverse workforce, or teams that are highly diverse, we are committed to helping our clients minimize the challenges and realize the potential of diversity in their organizations.