Our Approach


water-in-glass-1526862z-2Our Approach…

While every client and situation is distinct, there is an identifiable pattern to how we work at Bricolage Leadership Development.

Thoughtful Analysis:
A thorough understanding of a clients’ needs are critical if desired outcomes are to be achieved. Depending on the complexity of the case, an analysis can range from a quick, informal telephone conversation, to interviews with key stakeholders, to a more formal assessment process.

Customized Intervention:
Based on the outcome of our analysis, we then work collaboratively with the client to custom-design an effective intervention strategy. Interventions vary from addressing the needs of individuals (e.g., executive coaching), to assisting teams (e.g., team assessments and team building); to broader initiatives designed to build leadership capacity throughout an organization (e.g., training, organizational diagnoses, etc.)

At Bricolage, we are committed to our clients for the long-term. We walk alongside them until they have achieved their desired outcomes – and we check-in later to ensure those outcomes have been sustained.